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Meet the author

Hi I’m Juliette, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Canberra, Australia. I run a small creative studio called Poyo, and you can see samples of my personal work at I also run a Canberra design market called Show & Tell.

I started Good Design Club because I wanted to write about local designers in my community and use the blog as a platform for organising events such as social meet ups and group exhibitions.

That was back in 2014, and since then a lot has changed in my life as a designer. I have a bad habit of trying to take on a million things at once, so I decided to follow the old saying ‘less is more’ and simplify the purpose of the blog to become more about sharing my journey as a designer and illustrator.

I find that one of the most rewarding things about meeting other designers is being able to share your discoveries, tips and passion for design. So that’s what Good Design Club is really all about – a chance for me to share with you all the cool things I come across in my work as a designer, plus the challenges and rewards of freelance life.